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Infinite Singularity And Infinite Love By Professor - Anton Meemana In the beginning of the univ...

Apr 23, 2011 3:17:41 PM - thesundayleader.lk
  • Infinite Singularity And Infinite Love

By Professor - Anton Meemana

In the beginning of the universe, there was Infinite Singularity and that means that the universe began with Infinite Love, and the universe is governed and run by Infinite Love and it will also end (whenever and however it will end) in Infinite Love. And that love shall never end. In the beginning, 15 billion years ago, an immensely dense and tensed fire ball exploded and gave birth to our universe. It was a moment of self-donation, self-sacrifice, self-immolation and self-giving. That Big Bang was a work of infinite divine love. It burst in order to give birth to a new dimension of cosmic existence. Bursting is birthing. It burst in order to birth forth.
Everything in the universe happens according to the Law of the Cross which is the law of self-donating and self-giving. One thing dies or sacrifices itself in order to give birth to a new cosmic dimension. There is no new life without death and there is no death without new life. The Law of the Cross is an all-embracing and over-arching reality; in spite of death, life continues and in spite of life, death continues. Nothing can escape its paradoxical dynamics. Good Friday is the ultimate manifestation, the zenith, the supreme expression, the high watermark of this divine truth.

Crucifixion And Rejection of Love

But, contrary to popular opinion, most people hate inner freedom and unconditional love deep down. It is too much for them to bear and care for. They may talk about it, sing about it, lament about its absence but deep down they do not know how to handle it once it is offered to them without restrictions, conditions and reservations.
We live in a world that rejects love and freedom. We live in a crucifying world, a world that rejects love, that tries to crucify it, that tries to eradicate it from the face of the earth. Crucifixion of Christ means rejection of unconditional love’s ultimate manifestation by us.
Not everything about his death could be grasped by outsiders. One has to become an insider, enter into a path of discipleship, fellowship and intimate relationship with Christ in order to fully fathom and glimpse the deepest meaning and the broadest implication of his crucifixion. One has to walk his footsteps in order to see what it means to live in a crucifying world.
Crucifixion of Christ is never an isolated event, an individual phenomenon, but is a cosmic event. Crucifixion of Christ means rejection of unconditional love by us. By crucifying Christ, we said NO to the gift of divine love. We committed the worst crime we could afford in history; that is, to kill Jesus, the author of life, and yet we remain unrevenged, unpunished, unharmed, free from retribution by God. When Jesus offers unconditional love, it can be a terrifying thing for some people. Either we want to destroy or annihilate what we are afraid of or we want to run away from it, but Christ can never be gotten rid of for Christ is another name for love.

Crucifixion Of Christ Is Crucifixion Of Ourselves

When we crucified Christ, we also crucified the best part of our personality with him. When he rose from death, our best selves were also restored and resurrected with him. With his death, our fears also died. By dying he gave us life.
We have done the worst possible that we could do and yet we were not punished or avenged or given retribution. Now nothing worse could happen to us for God has accepted us as we are and offered us forgiveness and life. God accepts everything in the world, even our murderous rejection of love, mercy and forgiveness in order to redeem them. Whatever is not totally embraced by God is not fully redeemed.
With God, there is no human predicament, human agony and misery beyond redemption and no sin beyond forgiveness. We are totally and absolutely accepted as we really are. So what guarantee do we still need for God’s unconditional love, mercy and forgiveness? God did not annihilate humanity from the face of the earth as a result of Jesus’ murder. Even though we killed Jesus, God’s own son, God’s love for us never turned into hatred, resentment or avenge. God cannot not love us. God identifies himself more closely and more intimately with the suffering of all creatures.
I am also a member of that humanity, part of that crooked timber of humanity (Immanuel Kant) that nailed Christ to the Cross and I am too part of that humanity that had been redeemed by the Cross of Christ. When we crucified Christ, we crucified the person we were afraid to become. We are afraid of true freedom and unconditional love and therefore we tried to get rid of the person (that is, Jesus) who offered us both freely and generously.
Acknowledgment of my contribution and share in his crucifixion should not lead to a guilt-trip. It is not about wallowing in self-pity and self-accusation for his death which in fact is a very dangerous move. Beating one’s breast is a theological dead end. What is called for is costly involvement with the world, with the victims of history, with the suffering masses. Christ donated himself, offered himself, sacrificed himself and shared himself for the life of the world and to do likewise is the Good Friday challenge for us.

Good Friday Is Good News

The Good News must not be made into nice news, complacent news, comfortable news. Good news on Good Friday is disturbing news, an interrupting news, a demanding news, a challenging news and a liberating news. Good Friday is the ultimate proof of Good  news. God loves us no matter what. When we suffer, God also suffers with us, God also feels our pain in order to console us. There is no true consolation without participation in human suffering. By embracing suffering, we transform them and then they become part of our depth, substance and authenticity. Nothing human is alien to Jesus, no human experience is ungraspable by him.
Every injustice perpetuated is also perpetuated against Christ. Every persecution of the innocent is also a persecution of Christ. When we suffer unjustly, Christ too suffers with us heart-bleedingly.
Why are some people  not convinced that they are loved totally and unconditionally? Is it too good to be true? Or is it the grandest illusion in the world? We cannot invent something like unconditional love without  an experience of it for we are not intrinsically capable of it and so there has to be a source for it. Unconditional love and forgiveness is the divine revelation, it is revealed once and for all by the Lover and Forgiver par excellence.
Evil men, by trying to destroy others, destroy themselves in the long run. The wicked perish by their own devices slowly and surely.
We die as good as we live and that was certainly the case with Jesus. Jesus, the life-giver, lover and forgiver par excellence gave his life for us even at his death.
Only a person who has lived well can die well. Jesus died exactly the way he lived by creating a space for life. Death and life are intimately interlinked. Even one’s death can be at the service of life, can enhance life and promote life.

Love Will Never End

The exact date and time of world’s end is a meaningless category to the person who loves for she or he lives truly in each second. The meaning of human life is in the quality of our love. How much I love, the depth of my love, is the real me. It is my real identity, my true self, my authentic self, and my original self.
To hope is to trust in the power of love. To hope is to cultivate unshakable and unbelievable faith in love. To hope is to allow God to work miracles in our lives.
Hope is the memory of the future (Gabriel Marcel). Hoping is coping up with every hopeless situation. To hope is to cling to God under any anxiety, under any despair, under any disappointment. The more hopeless, helpless, restless and desperate we become, all the more we must cling to God. Every attempt to keep hope alive is an acknowledgement of Christ’s resurrection. Hope which is not contaminated by human expectation is a real possibility with God. Hope will never disappoint us for it always comes from God. Hope and expectation are not the same. The more we expect, the more disappointed we become. Expectations always kill relationships. The greater the expectation, the deeper the disappointment.  But in hope there is no disappointment whatsoever.
Death is the moment of truth, the moment of revelation and revealation. Death rounds off one’s fundamental option and orientation in life. Death becomes absolutely meaningful when we live a full life. Death cannot annihilate those who continue to love. In that sense, death may be the holiest act, the most sacred event in one’s life. Death serves human life. Death too is a servant of God. Death gives us a purpose, an orientation, a sense of  accomplishment and mission in life.

Death As A Promoter of Life

Jesus went to his death the way he went about his living with the same compassionate attitude. His death was the death blow to sins in the world: sins had neither power nor control over his life and his decisions.
We attain ultimate human maturity at the moment of death. Death is the erotic climax of our spiritual growth, the orgasm of union and communion with God, the orgasmic joy in God, the ultimate erotic fulfillment and satisfaction in God.
When we have not lived properly, we are terrified of letting go. The real fear of life is not fear of death, but fear of life, that is, the fear of dying (or letting go of life) when we have not lived fully. Then we want to cling to the narrow security of material comforts of life at any cost.
Letting go is preparing for death and by so preparing for death every day, we begin to live truly. In this way of living, death is a decision, an ongoing decision to deepen the zest for life.
With Jesus’s resurrection, the apostles were able to see what they could not see before, that is, the universe is no longer the same. It is a transformed, renewed, rejuvenated, reformed, recreated and remade reality.
Christ has absorbed everything unto Him. Whoever and whatever is not absorbed by Christ is not redeemed. But the good news is that nothing is left unredeemed, untransformed and unrenewed by Him. The whole evolving and emerging cosmos is embraced by him. The universe is an extension of his resurrected and glorified body. So, now human death too is a redeemed reality, a resurrected reality. We are born, live, and die unto Christ’s resurrection. We are buried, entombed, enshrined and sepulchered in Christ’s resurrected body and nothing can exhume us from it. True life is life towards resurrection and therefore true life is absent without resurrection. Death is the window to resurrection. Resurrection is the micro chip, the compact disk of life, that is, the interpretative key of life. Everything we are curious to know about life contains in the resurrection of Christ.
The resurrection of Christ is not an isolated, individual phenomenon, something that happened to a single individual. It is a cosmic event. It has cosmic repercussions. Resurrection is a biospiritual reality, a theo-seismic eruption, a universal spiritual outburst.  Resurrection is the cosmic tsunami that shakes, stirs, tupsy turvies, our fixed, fixated, stymied and stagnated understanding of God and life.
The resurrection is the grand renewal of the universe. In it, the healing of our minds, the broadening of our cognitive, intellectual, emotional, ethical and spiritual horizons was accomplished. It is the healing of our emotional blocks, frozen feelings and ego-centeredness. There is nothing to be afraid of in God’s universe. God is in charge of everything and nothing can stop us from loving and being loved. Death has no power over those who love.

Easter And Resurrection Hope

After the resurrection of Christ, there is no such a thing as ordinary time. All time is extraordinary, supernatural and consecrated. Time is resurrected, rejuvenated, redeemed and emancipated. So now we live, move and have our being in resurrected time for time is also a resurrected reality. With the resurrection of Christ, there is no reason for anxiety, worry and restlessness. We must feel sorry for those who worry.
With the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ, the whole creation is redeemed; our lives are on a trajectory of resurrection. Resurrection is the enfleshment of hope. Resurrection is the surest assurance of God’s infinite love. Even the tiniest act of love is ultimately recognised and restored by God. No love is ever lost in this universe.
Creation is eastering forth. The resurrection of Christ is also the resurrection of whole creation. Every creative act is an act self-donating and self-giving. Creating is resurrecting. Resurrection is the revelation of God’s creativity par excellence. As Saint Augustine says, “Resurrection is the greatest miracle of God.” We now live unto the resurrection of Christ. Christ lives in us now in order to facilitate our own resurrection someday. What happened to Christ at the resurrection is also going to happen to us in the future. It’s our true fate. We are born, live, and die to be resurrected one day. Eternal life is our destined life. Eternity is ultimate human destiny.  The one who loves will never die. To the one who loves whether the world will end today or tomorrow is an absolutely non-issue. When we live in love, we live in God and therefore we will live forever. But eternity is not prolongation of time (time continuing ad infinitum). Infinity is eternal now and it never comes to an end. The whole of eternity contains at this moment and to experience it is to experience eternal life.
The whole creation, for the meantime, is in preparation for the return of the resurrected Christ and we are eagerly waiting for the early return of its redeemer.