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Post -war reflections for Tamils

Jun 14, 2010 10:45:13 PM- transcurrents.com

by Old "Yaarlppaanathhan"

What is the objective of any one’s writing or what every one wants to achieve?

a) To prove a point.

b) Enlighten.

c) To work towards resolution of a problem (altruistic).

d) To make one self, known-self development, glorification (Egoistic).

e) To deduce, areas of working with others, point of view for resolving and achieving objectives / Target.

f) To find fault, with others, and fester the problem.

g) There is always, number of forces working on any problem, with their own objectives.

h) Enlightened Leadership works to see, how they can achieve the objectives, with less confrontation and damage, with minimum effort, to acquire maximum results / and solve problems in the larger and long terms benefits / context.

i) One may be able to list out, some points of ground realities, on any areas / article which you may agree / disagree, and to plan, one’s own strategy, to work towards achieving, one’s own objectives.

j) Quarrelling all the time, does not lead to, resolution of problems.

It is good, to have spread sheet, presenting realities, for reflections, apart from individual’s passions and emotions. Based on ground realities, and present situational predicament, to rethink, about the future of Tamils, in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan Tamil issues, war and its ending, developments there after, had created, emotional out bursts in, one section of Diaspora, freezing of minds, of large section of Tamil people, and reflection, by a few, to chalk out the future.

The thrusted leadership, evolved with armed struggle, and power of gun, assumed liberators, and others, who used the situation, and became appendages, to thrusted establishments, used it, for their own agenda, have failed to deliver anything.

Carriers of the banner of democracy, for conveniences, were rejected by the people, in the two test runs, of urban elections 2009/2010 in Jaffna and Vavuniya / N & E.

Majority, not voting in 2010 is an indication, that manipulative democracy, its establishments, and actors were rejected, by silent dissent, including all fossilized establishments, and norms of obsolete. This is further reinforced in the parliamentary elections of April 2010.

The enlightened people with wisdom, think differently. This must be reflected by all including, persons and groups, who wants to control, by remote control , and who wants to be some one, by muscle and money power, without any scruples, interest, skills, knowledge, and ability, and appear as leaders in parliament to represent the community, only to perpetuate their self interest.

Large number of Head workers, had continued to work, and given prescriptions for the Tamil community of North and East of Sri Lanka. They, men in positions, govt. officials of the area, N.G. O,, the community leaders, news reporters, think only, high powered matters, but to fail to note that, there are no proper urinating , eating , washing places, to facilitate, the natures call, of women , old ladies, sick, diabetic patients, on the A.9, road, through Kurunagala road, or Puttalam road, to Jaffna. This will be worse during the Nallur and other festival season of August 2010.

The present robbery and killing of elders, girls and ladies, abduction of children are no concern for the guardians , and Politicians. The police says, if culprits are apprehended and produced in courts, Lawyers of no scruples appear and get the antisocial elements, released, on bail for them to continue the profession, for them selves, or their hidden masters, and for thrown-out, thrusted political redundants.

A streak incident, of honest social consciousness, was manifested, observed, when a young displaced girl came in search of her parents, not knowing the geography of the area (Manipay) was misdirected, to a wrongful place and raped, by two rabid human dogs. When this reported by the victim to the public, youngsters of the area, apprehended, assaulted mercilessly, and bruced the culprits and handed them, over to the police.

Thamil politicians, Media Personal and Media never pin pointedly declare the antisocial rowdies / Killers to the society. This is, their prime, urgent responsibility, by the community, and not to play with irresponsible, supposed to be altrustic words marality preaching, and vague statements to the press, and take cover by issuing statements to the government. The wounded Tamil community, will never forgive persons, parties or anyone, who condone, and connive with these anti social elements, directly or indirectly, covertly or overtly. In Singapore , this type of news carry, full photos of the person with full bio data, and nature of crime, for the public to know.

The Jaffna / Sri Lanka public is watching, this event, closely, whether the rowdies will go scot-free. What will happen at the hall of justice? What will the so called elected representatives do. Will they condone with the rowdies or they will clean up the society from the mafia, predators, and antisocial rowdies. Is there any hidden agenda behind. What is the society the Thamils wants / aspire to have in North and East. What will be the action the govt. of Sri Lanka do, or, will it allow the people, to take their own course of action and create chaos once again

All the prescriptions, within Sri Lanka , Tamil Nadu, India , and the world over, including USA , U.K, Europe, Canada and expatriate Tamil participants, had generously brought the community, to present plight. It means the prescribers, preachers of all sorts, are ill educated, ameturistic, and are not competent, to deliver, what they had pronounced, appear to be obsolete, in their thinking and action.

What is the future of the community? The community has become homeless, naked, empty handed, and camp dwellers.

A fragment of others, who are outside the camps, lead a hand to mouth living, except, who get their regular dole, from foreign countries. (These people are a nuisance to others, and unproductive, ill educated who doesn’t want to work and contribute).

No problem for the self concerned, government servants, are ok with their pay. The professionals and academics of the universities are fat cows. Dishonest traders and plunderers, aspire to become, Neo leaders, persons of importance and decision makers with the money power, who intimidate the society.

The real potential participants of development , of the community, and social leaders had starved / stifled from growth for the last 30 years, have to wait for a long term, to equip them, and their establishments, with inputs, finance and manpower, to make meaningful contributions.

It means that outsiders, from Colombo and foreign countries, who are waiting for opportunities, will enter, and will have to play a role in development , leaving the locals, and will take lion share, of the benefits of the future activities.

What will be the role of IDPS, refugees, who will be sent back from India , and other European countries, when they come back? All these people, especially, the naked and empty handed, have no other place, except Sri Lanka / North East, and have to return to their own soil,

This community is, without any one / institutions, to guide and help, to be with them, and work with them, and have to walk alone, praying for mercy / and help only from god.

The so called political establishments / mafia, tries to form syndicate, to keep themselves afloat, to reposition themselves, to continue their business, which they did for the last sixty years, and brought the community, to the present plight.

The good, competent, capable lot of the Tamil community, had run away, and the lot remaining are silent / withdrawn, to avoid unnecessary problems, with unscrupulous political actors, and their machinery and mechanisms, and their moral, spiritual values are different. This positive, knowledgeable lots. Contribution, in redevelopment, is not available, for the reconstruction, or the war destroyed people and the land.

The persons / groups, who are presently holding chairs, of assumed power, of all sorts , will never, willingly welcome, knowledgeable, talented resources, and persons, as they are not very sensitive, to the challenges, and to their stands and their knowledge challenged. Such person’s credibility and capabilities, bound to be questioned, and they will obstruct new innovations, due to inability to cope, to the changed needs / norms This springs, from the ill manifestation of fossilized , stunted democracy, and obsolete knowledge base.

Many fail or, can’t comprehend, what is the fundamental problem, what are the issues, How to address each issue, in relation to modern technological, social and cultural context, but remain in the dead past, obsolete issues, and norms.

Every one is emotional, or in groves, and unable to extricate themselves out, of their mind groves, Cannot comprehend, changes, in the knowledge blasting, technologically avalanching, 21st century, context, and position themselves, to develop, a road map to resolve issues, raising themselves above, their international, domestic, and individual compulsions.

The episode at U.N Security Council, on Sri Lanka, during the war times, exhibited a clear polarization, role played by the world, where the division of U.S and European interest / ideology, versus, Asian and allied countries, in terms of political, social, economic agenda, and settling issue, and development and evolving , newer models, based on their self interest.

Writers, opinion makers, international bodies / govt /officials, who projected their own deductions, designs, loyalties, interests, have to take cognizance of, aspirations, and problems of Asia or individual countries, communities, and should not force changes. that are in operation, in their own environment. They should prescribe, appropriate models, for solutions, and not transplant their models, without due considerations, of the ground realities, in every respects.

Sri Lanka is a state, which works, within set of international rules supports, advice of various states, and establishments, apart from likes and dislikes of others. Every where, the ultimate authority, on decision making is, who holds power, and what he can do, with his power. No point accusing, any individual, who is an instrument, to articulate or carry out decisions made, based on their self interest.

The Tamil aspirations, agenda for future, has to be thought out, developed within the ambit of newer norms of the present, and future emerging, Asian and Worlds trends.

What is role, and power, in shaping, internal, foreign policies, of Sri Lanka ,on various issues of the country, as a whole, and the community in particular, by the Tamil community?

Do the present actors in political platforms have the capability, for work and capacity for the task, and solving issues, and problems.

The stands taken by Tamil politicians, not Tamil people, on issues like, solution to estate workers, fishermen of North / East, Sri Lankan, fishermen, who were are without livelihood employment for the last 30 years. Issues concerning Thamils have to be critically examined.

Thamil News media and Thamil politicians of Sri Lanka are voicing more, the interest of Indians, than the Sri Lankens, who are affected and concerned parties, and perpetuate slogan shouting, policy, for power ascendancy, rather to work out formula, for solutions. They forget everything ,except , their, self, vested and business interest, and not mindful of the agony of the people, in Sri Lankan theater, particularly Thamils.

Every issue is viewed, whether it is political, economical, social, educational, with negative-stand, vested group interest, myopic (Eye / Brain), not caring, to find relief, to the suffering, or find solutions in grater interest of people. Actors take the path of least resistance, with vote / popularity in their mind.

It is improper, impolite, unwanted, to comment on subjects, which is beyond one’s comprehension, and understanding. The geopolitical compulsions, and the centrifugal and centripetal forces and the resultant force, that will develop, are beyond most people’s, understanding and of, most of the mases. Pronouncements on such mattes, by ill knowledged, will not be taken seriously, by decision makers. (Ref:- article : Geopolitical URL of this article: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=15667)

Persons like Sir.P.Ramanathan, Arunachalam, Rajaratnam of Hindu Board of Education, and Weerasingham of Cooperative movement, and the likes, had worked with, heart and head, mobilized the naked and hungry and made them to work for their own salvation and transformed the peasants to be, Trusered, English and Thamil educated / cultured, Spiritually elevated , and made them respectable, in every sense, after a period of 500 years, ever since the aliens landed in the soil of Yarlppanam.

This cumulative wisdom , culture, spirituality, saner practices and wealth, material possessions have been removed / looted from us now. Yet, the Athman, heart of Jaffna is very, very rich, by the grace of Lord Nadarajah of Chithambaram, who is with us, as opposed to the prayer of the great poet of Bengal, Tagore, crying , father , Strike , Strike at the penury of my heart, in Gitanjali

The lessons of Jaffna , when truthfully, analyzed and told by honest dispassionate poets, enlightened men and women will tell, wonderful lessons , stories and new norms, known and unknown to the world, to reflect. Players, targets. Designs, manipulations etc, which had been used, and played knowingly and unknowingly, at this miniature site/ laboratory, Jaffna, will be a study material for analysis, development of models etc, for the whole world, students of politics, governance, state craft, and for creators of new order, futurologists ( Jaffna – Means the North, East of Sri Lanka for this writing )

The community, have been left with nothing, for anyone to loot, any material possessions, any more, and are naked, without anything. No one, can escape Karma, and will have to undergo, the effects and manifestations of Karma, to exhaust its accumulation, may be, by several births. There is no way to escape, this wheal of Dharma. The wheal of Dharma, does not stop, for weeping widows, nor for power of mighty emperor. It does its duty, without fear, or favor. Gods ways, are Mysterious, and sometimes, destructive and wasteful.

There are no virtuous leaders at present, like Sir. P. Ramanathan, Mahathmaji, Rajaji, Kamaraj, C.Subramanium, C.W.W. Kanangara, and the likes, who are compassionate, thought, lived, meditated / meditating still, who are silently walking alone, for the good of humanity. This type personality is only manifested in the present days , only by Honorable Ex. President of India , Shri Abdul Kalam

The first person to question the validity, relevance, usefulness, methodology and philosophy of the, so called democracy, for governance, in the context of Ceylon/Asia, before one hundred years, before independence in relation to future needs and the validity, use, applicability to present, changed situations of people , and their developmental aspirations , is the greatest leader, intellectual statesmen, spiritualist, who was highly venerated and admired by Mahathma Gandhiji and Gokale, was Late Leader, of Ceylon, Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan.

The same sentiments, were expressed, number of years later, by H.H. Shri Chndrasekara Saraswathy swamikal, spiritual head of Shankara Madam of Kanchipuram, South India, and recently by Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister of Singapore, and Alwin Toffler, Futurologist, Sociologist of United States of America. Alwin Toffler states that Democracy (based on numbers) has not been developed for the last 200 years to meet the demands and changes to address issues in the tectronic age.This is for the reflection for the political scientists, problem solvers in relation to conflict resolution in various parts of the world including Sri Lanka.

There was a time, before independence, persons like Sir. Pon .Ramanathan, Arunachalam, Hindu Board Rajaratnam, Veerasingam of cooperative movement, created institutions, mobilized the people for their self development, worked with them, and transformed the society / community in the fields of education, economics, culture, values, which earned respectability for the whole society.

Now , only government servants , and politicians hold the power, and the community is left out, and has no voice, in development.

Ruler must Rule and not become robbers says “ Chanakiya ”

The sum total of Indian thought and Wisdom is, Fearlessness, “ABHI ”,

says, Swami Vivekananda

Every one wants Truth, up to the parlor, not to taint their lives, says, Paul Bruntan.

Post independent, so called leadership, did not do any thing, except slogan shouting on platforms, and doing stunts, with the sole idea of going to Parliament of Sri Lanka. This hypocrisy had resulted in, miss directions of different dimensions, away from ground realities, political and other world trends, brought unprecedented destruction, of all values, wealth, culture, and other cherished ideals of Thamils.

We want to live the Truth. Not be manifestation of lies, hypocrisy and deception.

We will live with saints, and manifest, Fearlessness of Asthma Sakthi and not of, low grade muscle power, not money power, not knowledge power of manufacturing, vulgarus death, and destruction., but with moral, spiritual, power of divinity , which , unfortunately , not known, aware to persons, like Alwin Toffler and the likes

We will manifest creative compassion, all times and time surpassed wisdom, and action, and be a model to the future world, to emulate in governance, politics and upholding Dharma and Peace and Happiness. That will be the Real Yarlppanam of the future. Our lord and master of Nallur and Kathirkamathan, Aandi Pandaram-Murugan, is watching us, all the time. New rules, Norms and Methods, institutions will be set by his will and wisdom for the future.

All do gooders, please, leave us. We don’t want you, your free advice, sympathy, guidance, and assistance, since you don’t have a target to reach.

Now What ? What to do ? What is the future direction. How to go about working in relation to ground realities. Who will work. What are the institutional arrangements available and to be created. How to develop working relationship with Govt. of Sri Lanka, President and Ministers and others , in resolving the problems ,of immediate nature, and long term, political mechanisms and methodologies. Who will emerge out, shoulder , this Herculean tasks.

Will the old vultures, and behind the scene manipulators of vested interests, continue, and keep the people with obsolete norms, chained and shackled and with irrelevant slogans and the land under, undeveloped state, to show , as beggars wound, and thrive on the misery, in the future also.

How will the Sri Lankan Govt. view, self development in this situation, and the future of Thamils, and reconciliation and reintegration , in the present context.

The entry to democracy, with 9 votes, after 1983 , and enlarged in 1992, and 180,000 votes, polled , for / against in 2010, is very significant, development, to be taken note, and to be reflected, by all. Can this be interpreted, as reversal towards, pre 1983,and, from dictatorship, to some sort of, cautious, semi democracy model, gradually, unfolding. Will all players and stake holders, reflect, and work further, to develop a working model, in relation to the, future norms and needs.

The behavior of Thamils, at present is a reactive process, of anger due to suffering. The future should be viewed with dispassion, objective, scientific, target oriented, problem solving, and make / integrate the people, to feel and contribute, for their own prosperity, to rise from the ashes of destruction, and subdue hatred and passions.

The solution providers, should do introspection, on the lessens learnt, and not to do patch work, or do , a cover up, as there are deep seated compulsions, of contemporary and futuristic necessities, demands, and to be in unison with, the changed trends of world and aspirations of people, and not to push the community, into the obsolete, dark past.

Thamil community and persons, who are supposed to have been elected , want to lead, have to be extremely cautions, knowledgeable, and responsible, and not to be irresponsible, impulsive, and emotional, should have their head and heart, tuned to, synchronize to realities, future trends and develop a model.

What is their work programme. What are the institutions they hope to create and work full time or must declare, whether they want to be, only on the platform, and shout empty slogans

The solution developers, should evolve, work out, acceptable, formula to the Thamil people and not present, or thrust , thoughts of vested groups, labels, establishment, of obsolete past. They should have proved their credentials, by work, performance and integrity.

Tamils should reflect and asses and answer themselves

Selfish ?

Corrupt ?


Violent ?

Hypocritical ?

Can we practice what we preach to others?

What are the norms to be adhered to, in the interest of the community and its future.

What are the collective dreams, aspirations of Tamils, in the changed situation, and in relation to the future? Is it responsible cooperation? or empty slogam shouting confrontation.

Every one should ask, what is the fundamental institution, I have created, individually or collectively to develop the people, area and community. This should be reflected by all.

What is the model of politics, governance, Thamils of Sri Lanka hope, to work for.

Is it Sri Lankan , Indian, Thamil Nadu, U.K, U.S.A, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan?

Do we intend to continue, the model philosophy and leadership style of

Sir P.Ramanathan,



A. Amirthalingam & M. Sivasithamparam



A completely, a new model, to synchronize with 21st century tends, and modernity with Virtues and values, taking cognizance of failures and achievements of the thinkers. Leaders, of the past, present, and to shape the future.

Channeling energy, pursuing or working on obsolete, irrelevant , thought / concept, is not the way of rational, analytical, thinking human mind / brain of wisdom, which could sense / intuition, on the futility of such action, which will be a waste of time , energy, resources and the results, that may manifest in the form / create misery, on all actors, and connected persons and places.

Men of wisdom reflect / meditate on any concept / idea for a long time, on success / failure, on such idea before pronouncement.

Men of history / past, have no relevance to the present or future. The past is obsolete.

Present is real. Future, is for creative minds to work.

Tamils of Sri Lanka, should reflect to charter, the future, and not be guided by illusory deceptive, inflated slogans , which are irrelevant, and not in realism, to ground situations at present and future trends