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Sri Lankans must unitedly use the weapon of "boycott" against international interference in our ...

Jun 23, 2010 5:50:30 AM- transcurrents.com

By S. L. Gunasekara

On the 18th May 2009, Sri Lanka awoke from the nightmare of separatist terrorism which had plagued it ever since the 22nd of May 1972.

During this period, a foreign country, India, equipped trained and armed terrorists to commit mass murders of our citizens, both servicemen and civilians of all races, castes, creeds, genders and ages, and destroy our property on our soil; thereafter India prevented the restoration of peace 23 years ago when it bullied Sri Lanka into aborting the Vadamarachchi Operation which would have seen the end of the Tigers. That bullying included the unforgivable violation of our air space by war planes of India.

A recurrent feature of that 37 year nightmare was bombs being exploded in crowded city centres, buses and trains, whole villages being slaughtered and Muslims at prayer being mown down by machinegun fire purely because they were Muslims. Among those who suffered death and mutilation by these wanton acts of terrorism were Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burgers, Malays and even some foreigners.

Despite all this, no committee of experts (`real’ or `so called’) was appointed by the United Nations. No effort was made by the United Nations to prevent the wanton acts of unbridled terrorism that were being committed in this country. Men, women and children continued to be murdered and mutilated; property continued to be destroyed and our country continued to get more and more impoverished.

The United Nations did nothing. The United States of America and the other Western Countries now screaming their hypocritical heads off calling for a UN probe did nothing. Were they, perchance frightened of `antagonizing’ India, which was big and strong while we were small and weak ?

Now, however, when that nightmare is over, the UN, egged on by the frustrations of the affluent Western States at poor little Sri Lanka asserting its independence and not obeying their commands, seems determined to embark on a probe with the ultimate objective of finding some of those who delivered our Country from evil guilty of war crimes !!.

While that terrorism that plagued our land has now been eliminated, there are around the globe and in our own Country, those who benefited immensely from the suffering of the people of Sri Lanka who wish to revive that self same terrorism as well as the nonsensical demand for a separate State to enable them to continue to live lives of comfort in foreign climes. These are, for example, the people who, without doing an honest job were collectors of money for the LTTE who used a part of it to purchase and dispatch weapons, ammunition etc. to the LTTE.

Apart from them are those politicians in Sri Lanka such as those of the TNA whose politics consisted solely of the politics of racial hatred, created divisions where there were none, and sustained themselves on the horrible myth of an ethnic problem in need of resolution. These malodorous politicians had no policies other than the politics of race founded upon the myth of a non-existent ethnic problem and needed to keep that myth and the artificial issues created by it alive for their political survival.

There can be no doubt that the United Nations has been influenced by these evil forces and by Western Countries which sought to prevent our victory when it became inevitable by demanding that we commit suicide by declaring a ceasefire and were properly rebuffed by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, whose supine predecessors would surely have succumbed. Had that happened, this country would still have been plagued by terrorism and the death and mutilation of the civilians would have still been a regular feature in our land.

Had terrorism and the attendant death and mutilation of civilians continued neither BK Moon nor L Pascoe nor any of the hypocrites of the West would have demanded a UN probe.

Ban Ki Moon and Lynn Pascoe are both bureaucrats of the United Nations which in turn is financed largely by the United States of America. If the United States cuts off its funding both Pascoe and Moon would lose their privileged positions and their munificent perquisites of office which would make even our Cabinet Ministers turn green with envy.

It is no wonder therefore, that this duo and perhaps other bureaucrats of that organization have adopted dual standards, one for poor and weak Sri Lanka and another for the rich and powerful United States and its allies in the West.

We have seen no committees of experts or otherwise appointed to look into the most horrible war crime committed in recent times when some Western countries led by the United States and its `lap-dog’ `Great’ Britain invaded Iraq on the fraudulent pretext of there being weapons of mass destruction in that country, destroyed countless civilians and Iraqi property worth billions of dollars with state of the art weapons and hunted down the Head of State of that country and members of his family as the so called the English `gentlemen’ would a fox. That was not all.

No committee of expert or otherwise was appointed to look into or advise the Secretary General of the United Nations about the inhuman treatment of prisoners at the torture chamber of the United States at Guantanamo Bay [even though many of those prisoners were foreigners who had been forcibly abducted from their Countries by the United States], or any of the horrific crimes against humanity/war crimes committed by that Country around the globe at different times.

Thus, there is one rule for the rich and the powerful and another for the poor and the weak; and we are one of the poor and the weak.

Yet, this does not mean that we must tamely give in and suffer some group of foreigners called ‘experts’ coming in to investigate with a view to finding fault with us, how or under what circumstances we destroyed that gang of underworld criminals called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and restored the lawful writ of the Government throughout the length and breadth of our land.

For a start, the Government should, in my view, refuse visas to any members of any committee of foreigners appointed by the United Nations or any other body to pollute our soil with their presence in order to investigate our internal affairs and/or seek to sit in judgment over us. That however may not be within the realms of practical possibility having regard to the degree of economic blackmail that the Western Nations are capable of exerting on an impoverished country like ours. Bullying the weak and the impoverished appears to be one of the favourite pastimes of these moral lepers.

That however does not leave us completely defenseless against this monstrous attempt at interference in our internal affairs. If the people of this Country band together, forgetting all the political and other differences, we the people with no Governmental power could defeat the aims of these interfering foreigners.

Thus, it behoves us all who love our Country to `boycott’, and `boycott’ completely, any group of foreigners whether appointed by Bank Ki Moon or any other to investigate or sit in judgment over us in respect any of our internal affairs. We cannot stop there. If any person whomsoever, does not so boycott such foreigners and gives evidence before them or even associates with them or any of them in any manner whatsoever, such person too should be `boycotted’.

Such `boycott’ should take the form of ostracizing them in every manner possible – namely, not talking to or associating with them; not selling them any goods or buying any goods from them; and not providing them with any kind of services, whether professional or otherwise.

We little realize the power that we as ordinary people can exercise over even the most powerful, provided we act collectively.

Let us, therefore, stand tall as a Nation and resist any attempt made by BK Moon, L Pascoe or any other person/persons whomsoever from any country/countries whatsoever to interfere in our internal affairs, investigate our internal affairs, or sit or seek to sit in judgment over us and tell us how to manage our affairs.

Let us tell them, with one voice to mind their own business.