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Glassware and Crustalware Market.

As the name suggests, crystalware & glassware products are made of glass and crystals (a variety of glass with a different chemical composition and a crystalline structure). Uses of crystalware & glassware products in households can be traced way back to medieval period in Europe and Han period in China. Crystalware & glassware products gained its popularity in Europe and North America after the Second World War. Crystalware & glassware products are generally made of three types of glasses which are soda lime glass, lead glass and heat resistant glass. Soda lime glass is the most common type of glass used contributes to more than half of total crystalware & glassware market. Rest of the market is contributed to by lead glass and heat resistant glass. By type of application, crystalware & glassware market can be divided primarily into four segments which are functional drinking vessels, tableware, ornamental & decorative and collectibles.

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 In the crystalware & glassware industry, crystals were formerly referred to as lead glass which is a variety of glass where calcium content of glass is replaced by lead. Lead glass contains 18–40% of lead oxide. Lead crystalware products were previously used to store and serve drinks (beverageware). Due to health risks associated with lead, barium oxide, zinc oxide and potassium oxide were later introduced to replace lead oxide. This type of glass was named crystal glass. Glass products which contain 24% lead oxide are generally referred to as lead crystal while any products containing lead oxide less than 24% is referred to as crystal glass.  

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