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Content Delivery Network hitting The Market Mailny in North America and Asia Pacific

Content delivery network includes network of distributed servers that provides web pages and web content to users based on their geographic locations. The content delivery network provides speedy delivery of websites which bear high traffic. At its core, the content delivery network performs two crucial functions. First, CDN caches the content at the edge of the network in order to reduce the traffic traversing the network. Second, provides multiprotocol and multiservice streaming capabilities thereby allowing operator to adapt content from any IP device close to user consuming it. In general, typical functionality of CDN includes request redirection and content delivery services, content outsourcing and distribution services, content negotiation service and management service.

The two major things that have marked the evolution of internet are mobile technology and social media. For example, since its inception in 2004, Facebook today contain much more than 1,000 million subscribers. With very low investment, any business can reach large market irrespective of its location. According to Internet World Statics, the number of internet users for June 2012 were estimated to be 0.24 billion. Additionally, growing IP video traffic is expected to boost the CDN market. Today, video consumption over mobile devices and internet is growing at unparalleled rate. As network operators become aware of advantages of CDN, numerous cable operators and telcos in Europe and North America have launched CDN initiatives. Additionally, as network operators increasingly partner with content owners in order to deliver high quality contents and services, the CDN market is expect to grow. However, as more and more new players are entering in the CDN market, intensive competition has led to huge pricing pressure on players.

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Though content delivery networks provide many benefits, there is an opportunity for continuous improvements with respect to mobile content delivery, storage, quality and scalability of dynamic content. With increasing adoption of cloud computing, CDN operators are expected to experience unbelievable growth with respect to storage delivery systems. Additionally, as Smartphone users have increased across the world, mobile network operators are increasingly distributing information to broad range of users. Additionally, as more business becomes aware of the opportunities offered by online media, the market for CDN is expected to grow. Emergence of new technologies coupled with growing interest of consumers, the content delivery network market is expected to grow in the coming future.


Numerous industry verticals that use CDN include advertising industry, media and entertainment, gaming, government, educational and healthcare, online music retailers, consumer electronics, mobile operators, and internet service providers among others. Geographically, North America remains the largest market for CDN. However, Asia Pacific shows bright growth prospective for the same. The key players of CDN market that offer solutions to improve content delivery service and speedup non-video and video content include Akamai Technologies, AT&T Inc, CDNetworks, Ericsson, Highwinds Network Group Inc, Limelight Networks and Level 3 Communications among others.

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