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Global Deep Packet Inspection Industry: Threats Concerning Cyber Terrorism, Law Enforcement, and Traffic Prioritization to Boost Market Growth

The global deep packet inspection market, commonly known as DPI, is a method of filtering employed for inspecting data packets sent from one processor to another over a network. This method is also called complete packet inspection and information extraction.


The DPI is a highly advanced method of packet filtering, which operates at the 7th layer, also called the application layer of the open system interconnection reference model. The well-organized usage of the DPI enables its clients for tracking, determining, categorizing, rerouting, or/and stopping packets with objectionable code or data. For instance, the DPI can successfully assist in read emails, scrutinizing filters, check website history, detect malicious software, and examine chats among other functions. Over the years, the developments in the DPI technology have helped in monitoring, controlling, and securing network functions, making the cyber world safe and protected.


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A DPI is generally more effective than a typical packet filtering that inspects only the packet headers. It examines the data and sometimes the packet header too, when it works at an inspection point, trying to locate the protocol non-compliance, spam, intrusions, viruses, or other predefined factors to identify whether the packet can proceed or whether it must be directed to a new location. With DPI, enterprises can improve their network management systems without investing a lot in the core network technologies.


As the utilization of Internet-enabled machines such as laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs has experienced enormous growth in recent past, a rush in network traffic as well as cyber crimes is evident at present. The quality of service goes for a toss due to this, affecting the speed of the network and leading to various security issues. The utilization of deep packet inspection technology provides the best solution to fight these concerns all at once.


The deep packet inspection technology is a type of surveillance technology that permits the Internet service providers to maintain a track of the content being created over data packets in synchronized time and to take remedial actions if needed. The data packet consists of a header and a payload. By using the DPI, the payload that consists of the actual data can be supervised.


The increasing number of broadband subscribers across the world, the rising penetration of the mobile devices market, and the continuing pressure for service providers to provide better services are the key driving forces behind the growth of the global DPI industry. Threats concerning cyber terrorism, law enforcement, traffic prioritization, and data security are the main factors propelling the adoption of the DPI technology all over the world.


The DPI technology is also utilized by Internet service operators and telecom service providers to gather the data of a subscriber, to study the browsing patterns, and gain an insight into the user’s inclinations. This technology is assisting various firms in positioning their products through appropriate advertisements in the market.


The global market for deep packet inspection is analyzed based on its type, end-user applications, and the regional markets. Integrated DPI and standalone DPI and are the two market segments based on type. The government, enterprises, ISPs, education, and others are the market categories classified by the end-user applications. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and the Rest of the World are the major regional markets for the global DPI industry.


In 2012, the global DPI market had reached US$585.7 million. It is expected that it will reach US$3.8 billion in 2018, developing at a 36.6% CAGR between 2012 and 2018.


The major participants in the market for deep packet inspection (DPI) across the globe are Sandvine Incorporated, Inc., Allot Communications, Procera Networks, Bivio Networks, Inc., Cisco, Arbor Networks, Inc., and Qosmos. The development strategies of these market players are going to decide the future of the global market for deep packet inspection and its effect on the world economy in the coming years.


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