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Global Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market will reach US$ 164.52 Billion by 2023 – by Market Research Engine

Florida, Feb 25: Market Research Engine has published a new report titled as “Global Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market by Applications, by Products & Services, by End Users – Trends and Forecast to 2016-2023”.

“Global Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market was valued at USD 24.30 Billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 27.0% from 2015 to 2023 to account for US$ 164.52 Billion in 2023”.

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The global healthcare mobility solutions market is segmented on the basis of products and services, applications, and end users. Based on products and services, the market is segmented into mobile devices, mobile applications, and enterprise platforms. The mobile devices market covers mobile computers, RFID scanners, barcode scanners, and others. On the basis of applications, the market is classified into patient care management, operations management, and workforce management. By end users, the market is divided into payers, providers, and patients.

North America and Asia-Pacific are poised to register high growth rates in this market mainly due to the faster adoption of Smartphone’s and related advanced connectivity and network and increasing number of chronic diseases. The market in Asia-Pacific region will be driven by developing countries such as India, China, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and UAE. This is mainly attributed to the growing number of healthcare systems such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other ambulatory care settings; and the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and disorders which need continuous patient monitoring, and rising awareness about advantages of mobility solutions in healthcare.

The global healthcare mobility solutions market is highly fragmented. Small market players operating at regional and local levels are challenging the market shares of the leading players (on the basis of cost differentiation and technical support services). In order to maintain their market shares, leading players are continuously developing new technologies and upgrading their existing products and services to enhance their product portfolios. Increasing competition is expected to drive innovation in the market, thereby helping the industry to overcome existing challenges in the field of healthcare mobility and at the same time address user compliance issues and unmet needs of the market.

The social insurance versatility arrangements business sector is very divided, with the vicinity of numerous substantial and also corner business sector players working at worldwide and provincial levels. A portion of the conspicuous players in this business sector incorporate Oracle Corporation (U.S.), AT&T Inc. (U.S.), Cisco Systems, Inc. (U.S.), Philips Healthcare (Netherlands), SAP SE (Germany), Zebra Technologies Corporation (U.S.), Cerner Company (U.S.), McKesson Corporation (U.S.), Omron Corporation (Japan), and Airstrip Technologies, Inc. (U.S.). Different players in this business sector are Microsoft, Inc. (U.S.), Apple, Inc. (U.S.), Qualcomm, Inc. (U.S.), IBM Corporation (U.S.), Hewlett-Packard (HP) Inc. (U.S.), and Verizon Communications, Inc. (U.S.).

Scope of the Report

Mobility is rapidly becoming an integrated element of the healthcare ecosystem. Mobility solutions can enable efficient patient care, improve response time, enhance workflow efficiency, and increase patient throughput, while reducing costs and risks. Enterprise mobility solutions enable the integration of results from one department with many other databases and thereby enable the right diagnosis quickly, with faster response times and more rapid decision making, in order to improve quality of care and patient outcomes. In addition, the Smartphone boom and growing preference for self-care management have propelled the penetration of healthcare applications among consumers will continue to grow leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market, By Products and Services

  • Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Applications
  • Enterprise Mobility Platforms

Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market, By Applications

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • mHealth Applications

Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market, By End-users

  • Payers
  • Providers
  • Patients (Individuals)

Healthcare Mobility Solutions Market, By Geography:

  • North America



  • Europe

European Union

Rest of Europe

  • Asia Pacific





Rest of Asia Pacific

  • Rest of the World

Middle East and Africa

Latin America


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Market Research Engine is a global market research and consulting organization. We provide market intelligence in emerging healthcare technologies, niche technologies and markets. Our market analysis powered by rigorous methodology and quality metrics provide information and forecasts across emerging markets, emerging technologies and emerging business models. Our deep focus on industry verticals and country reports help our clients to identify opportunities and develop business strategies.

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