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Global Social Gaming Market to Reach US$17.4 Bn by 2019 Propelled by Rising Popularity of Fun Games

Man is a social animal. The way man creates a social circle and develops relationships helps differentiate man from other living species. As such, social games have always been a part of human life, right since long gone history.

What are social games?

Any game that offers a way to interact one with other people from the society is called a social game. Any number of players could be involved and any type of medium could be used to play such games.

The oldest reminiscence of social games comes from the 9th century when card games were invented in China and spread across the whole Europe as an extremely popular means of socializing. Times when casinos were formed as an advent and mass development of card games were not very long after this.

Casinos allowed people from different walks of life to come together and try their hand on luck and claim their superiority over other players.

In the 1990s, electronic platform was introduced to social games and this changed the face of social games from primary card games to electronic social

games. Platforms such as Nintendo and Atari allowed two to four players to take part in a virtual competition. This began the era of virtual gaming, something that has attained a cult status over the years.

The rising popularity and widespread use of internet have rendered immense popularity to social games. Social games on the internet allow players from across the world to play games and compete, without having to participate in actual physical contact. Millions of people can connect to social networks on the internet at the same time and play the same game while enjoying comfort of their own surrounding.

Many virtual platforms have been especially developed to cater this segment of online gaming. Many companies have created complete libraries for social games. All one needs to do to enter this interesting world of social gaming is to have internet connection and some gadget, such as a computer or a smart phone, to enable connection between our world and the virtual world. Social networking platforms such as Facebook are hugely popular as a way to get engaged in social games such as Farmville or Candy Crush, etc.

Why Social Games are Played

There are many reasons why people play social games, but some of the major reasons include:

Many people play social games achieve a sense of victory without having to engage in any physical activity, which restrains the activity from having any real consequences on their life. The challenging environment provided by social games help people in enhancing the experience of exploration. Also, many games offer role plays that help individuals in taking a break from their monotonous lives and relive the life of others.


Some people play social games to give themselves a feeling of power by attaining high scores or superior levels. Competitive people, especially, have this inner drive to face complex situations such as a fierce battle or extreme conditions like life on an abandoned island, things that are either impossible in real life or are too dangerous for self-exploration.


Some people choose social gaming as a way to escape from real-life problems, which may rest a busy mind for some time and thus making it sharper for the next course of work. For a person who works in double shifts, for instance, an hour in the virtual gaming world may be like a stress release medicine.

Reasons behind the rising Popularity of Social Games:

A number of reasons why social games are played by millions of people around the globe are already mentioned above. Apart from these, many other reasons such as cost effective entertainment, instant connection with likeminded people from over the globe without actually leaving the their own comfort zone are also some reasons why social games are so popular.

What adds to this popularity is the huge marketing done by corporations, the easy availability of networking platforms and the cheap access to network resources and devices such as personal computers and smartphones.

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