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Manufacturing Execution System & Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Market will Grow at a CAGR of more than 15.0% during the period 2015-2020

New York, March 18: Market Research Engine has published a new report titled as Global Manufacturing Execution System (MES) & Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) Market, By [Enterprise (SMEs & Large), Product (Software, Services, Consulting, Integration, Maintenance), Industries (Process Industries, Discrete Industries), Region] – Trends & Forecast, 2015-2020”.

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) is software used for bringing manufacturing-related data together from different sources for the purpose of analyzing, reporting, and summarizing. The solution analyses company’s overall operational performance using simple yet powerful data analysis, reporting and visualization tools. Production, costs, process capability, equipment downtime, energy, quality, variance data and other Key Performance Indicator metrics can be collected, aggregated, contextualized and displayed. Real-time plant status visibility, through dashboards, trending and data analysis, downtime and efficiency management, statistical process analysis and control.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is used by the manufacturers to retain specific manufacturing and engineering knowledge to counter the loss of manufacturing and engineering skills and experience. Also, used to analyze and report resource availability and status, schedule and update orders collect detailed execution data such as material usage, labor usage, process parameters, order and equipment status, and other critical information.

MES and EMI are one of the rapidly growing manufacturing software and service market. MES solutions make things happen in a plant, in a consistent manner, based on prior learning and expert knowledge. Whereas EMI provides real-time plant status visibility, through dashboards, trending and data analysis, down time and efficiency management, statistical process analysis and control.  These solutions have a major role within the organization, where it provides the manufacturing company with improved operations visibility and facilitating real-time decision-making.

The EMI market will grow at a CAGR of 16.4% during the period 2015-2020. The MES market will grow at a CAGR of 15.6% during the period 2015-2020. The growth is due to the increasing concern of visibility in the manufacturing cycle. Also, now companies requires standardization of all the processes involved in manufacturing due to which they started using EMI and MIS solution Moreover, manufacturing organization are being compelled  to adhere with the standards and regulations for manufacturing, pollution, energy, quality, etc.

Browse Full Report here:

Both MES and EMI solution are widely used and have become an industry have become an industry norm and a key differentiator across most industries. Now vendors are trying to offer both these solutions on cloud. Some of the major players include ABB, Honeywell, GE, Rockwell, Siemens, and Schneider Electric. The report also includes companies for watch list such as Eazyworks, iTach Software, and ParsecAutomation.

This study covers and analyses “MES and EMI market” globally. Bringing out the complete key insights of this industry, this report aims to provide an opportunity for players to understand the latest trends, current market scenario, government initiative and technologies related to the market. In addition, helps the venture capitalist in understanding the companies better and take informed decisions.

Companies Mentioned 

- ABB Ltd 
- General Electric Company 
- HCL 
- Honeywell INC 
- Parsec Automation Corporation 
- Rockwell Automation

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Market Research Engine is a global market research and consulting organization. We provide market intelligence in emerging, niche technologies and markets. Our market analysis powered by rigorous methodology and quality metrics provide information and forecasts across emerging markets, emerging technologies and emerging business models. Our deep focus on industry verticals and country reports help our clients to identify opportunities and develop business strategies.

Media Contact

Company Name: Market Research Engine

Contact Person: John Bay

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +1-855-984-1862, +91-860-565-7204

Country: United States


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