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Industrial Controls and Robotics Market: Need for Accuracy and Efficiency for Large Volume Industrial Operations to Propel Market

Industrial controls and robotics systems comprise several types of instrumentation and automation equipment. This equipment, in an assembly, is used to monitor and control various systems and processes within industry sectors. Perpetual rise in product manufacturing and processing application areas for several industries such as power generation, semiconductors, automation, and pharmaceutical companies accounts as the primary factor responsible for growing demand for industrial controls and robotic systems. In these industries, increasing demand for high product quality, combined with high precision requirements in large volume production, stands as the major force for demand for industrial controls and robotic systems.


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Need for accuracy and improved efficiency, ability of robots to perform high-risk and hazardous procedures, and consistency in output quality are other major factors encouraging deployment of robots for industrial processes. However, high initial investment and inadequate skilled labor to operate robots, combined with easy availability of low-cost labor in emerging nations such as India, China, and Indonesia, are limiting the growth of this market.The global industrial controls and robotics market was worth US$102.02 billion in 2012 and is expected to be worth US$147.7 billion in 2019, growing at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2013 to 2019.


Automotive Industry Application Segment to Dominate Industrial Controls and Robotics Market


Product, application, technology, and geography are the four fronts based on which the global industrial controls and robotics market is divided. By product, the market is classified into three segments – manufacturing execution systems (MES), industrial control systems, and field devices. Of all the product segments, in 2012, the industrial control segment held about half of the overall market. The segment is expected to continue leading the market in coming years. This was followed by the field devices product segment. However, the manufacturing execution systems segment is expected to exhibit the fastest growth in the near future.


Application-wise, the industrial controls and robotics market is classified into automobiles, power generation, packaging, semiconductors, textiles, printing, oil and gas, and chemicals, and others. Amongst all, the automotive industry registered as the largest end user, accounting for a 16.12% market share in 2012, and is expected to maintain the lead position in the near future. The pharmaceutical end-use segment, however, is anticipated to register the fastest growth in the next few years. In the semiconductor industry, deployment of industrial controls and robotics helps with demand for high volume, reduced cost, and customized manufacturing, and thus enables to effectively achieve business and technological goals.


RoW to Emerge as Potential Industrial Controls and Robotics Market


By geography, North America and South America collectively accounted as the largest market in 2012, owing to factors such as adoption of new technologies, increasing demand for mass production, and introduction of newer technologies in old industrial segments.


The Americas are followed by Asia Pacific, the second largest regional market for industrial controls and robotics, owing to significant investment in the power industry. The Rest of the World (RoW) regional market is expected to exhibit robust growth in demand for industrial controls and robotics in the coming years.


In matters of competition, the market is highly fragmented, with leading players employing mergers and acquisitions and strategic partnership for business expansion. Some of the leading companies having a strong presence in the global industrial controls and robotics market are Siemens AG, Fanuc Corporation, Rockwell Automation, KUKA Robotics, ABB Ltd, Omron Corporation, and Emerson Corporation.


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