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Emotion Detection and Recognition (EDR) Market will Cross USD 38.00 Billion by 2022 – by Market Research Engine

Florida, March 22: Market Research Engine has published a new report titled as Emotion Detection and Recognition (EDR) Market by Services, Application Areas, Technology, Software Tools, End Users and by Geography - Global Industry Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2022

The Emotion Detection and Recognition (EDR) market is growing considerably and it is expected to grow more with the increasing demand in consulting and integration as a service in emotion detection technology and by day today technological changes. The EDR market will grow at a CAGR of 31.0% and it is expected to cross USD 38.00 Billion by 2022, from USD 5.0 Billion in 2015. The overall market has been segmented by service, application area, technology, software tool, and end user. This study broadly covers four main regions North America, Europe, APAC, and RoW.

Browse Full Report from here:

(Early buyers will get 10% discount on this report)


Scope of the Report: This report is segmented as below.

  • By Service

                Storage and Maintenance

          Consulting and Integration

  • By Application Area

                Healthcare and Medical Emergency

          Law Enforcement

Surveillance and Monitoring

          Entertainment and Consumer Electronics

Marketing and Advertisement

  • By Technology

                Bio-sensors technology (EEG, EMG, ECG, GSR, Eye Tracking & Wearable)

          Pattern Recognition

Feature extraction and 3-D modeling

          Natural Language Processing (NLP)

          Machine Learning

          Records Management Technology

Big Data Analytics

  • By Software Tool

                Facial Expression Recognition

          Bio-Sensing Software Tools

          Speech and Voice Recognition

  • By End User (Target Audience)


Security Agencies





Companies Profiled in this report are as below:

·         Beyond Verbal Communication Ltd.

·         Affectiva

·         Emotient

·         Emospeech

·         Eyeris

·         Kairos AR, Inc.

·         Noldus

·         Nviso

·         Realeyes

·         Tobii

·         Sentiance

·         Sightcorp


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Market Research Engine is a global market research and consulting organization. We provide market intelligence in emerging, niche technologies and markets. Our market analysis powered by rigorous methodology and quality metrics provide information and forecasts across emerging markets, emerging technologies and emerging business models. Our deep focus on industry verticals and country reports help our clients to identify opportunities and develop business strategies.

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Market Research Engine
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John Bay
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Phone: +1-855-984-1862, +91-860-565-7204

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