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Global Internet Protocol Television Market to be Propelled by Mounting Demand for High-Definition Video and Video Entertainment

IPTV refers to internet protocol television.Any user with an IP device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone can avail the IP service at any point of time and in any location. The primary requirement for the same is access to high-speed broadband internet. The IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) market that was valued at US$24.94 billion in 2013 is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 18.1% between 2014 and 2020, thereby reaching a market value worth US$79.38 billion by 2020.

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The IPTV Market is primarily fueled by rising consumer demand for high-definition video on demand and video entertainment. As a result of this, the providers of content network have been witnessing a pressing need for advanced network development. Players in the fields of telecommunications, multimedia, and network research are the main developers of IPTV. The availability of video compression technology and broadband infrastructure ensures that technological opportunity can be provided by IPTV for broadcasting live television signals to any television set or for that matter, even a smart device via private broadband networks.

End Users and Regional Segments of Internet Protocol Television

The global IPTV market is segmented on the basis of end users and geography. The two main end-user segments are residential endusers and enterprise endusers. In the corporate world, IPTV is seen as a medium for communicating with employees, reducing costs of travel, improvements in training, and satisfying compliance requirements. Internet protocol televisionservices are used across several industry segments which include transport, healthcare, media, hospitality, energy, finance, and education. These sectors also make use of these services for building revenue streams such as targeted advertising on-demand video. IPTV solutions are used by these entities across their corporate networks for distributing company-wide briefings, on-demand content, employee desktops, archived and live news, employee desktops and public screens, and events.

Global IPTV Market Governed by Consumer Dynamics

Some of the main factors driving the global IPTV market are high-definition channels and hybrid services along with IPTV services, and the rising need for video on demand. IPTV services provide a platform to those telecommunication companies that are on the lookout for potential opportunities in the industry for fostering revenues that go beyond data and voice services. The global IPTV market at present is characterized by a shift in focus with respect to consumer dynamics, which is primarily governed by falling prices and greater infrastructure development.

Internet Penetration in Asia Pacific Fueling the Global Market

Geographically, the global IPTV market is categorized into North America, Western Europe, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Japan, and Asia Pacific (excluding Japan). Due to high penetration of IPTV subscribers, Western Europe and North America will soon become mature IPTV markets. As a result of this, telecommunication companies in these regions are offering low-cost and high-end channel packages in addition to other available services. This has resulted in higher average revenue per user.

The highest rate of internet penetration is being witnessed by Asia Pacific. Interestingly, the rise in broadband penetration and growth of the IPTV market are directly proportional to each other due to distribution of IPTV services on high-speed internet networks. The proliferation of IPTV services in Asia Pacific can be attributed to the growth of broadband services that are propelled by government regulations. Government bodies especially in Asia Pacific economies such as India have been focusing onpromoting digitalization.

Several regions in Africa and the Middle East are witnessing greater number of internet users with high-speed internet connections. Some of the challenges facing the IPTV market in developing economies are maintenance of quality of IPTV services with offered prices and lack of infrastructure that ensures uninterrupted service.

Prominent companies operating in the overall IPTV market are ARRIS Group, Inc., MatrixStream Technologies, Inc., Amino Technologies PLC (Amino Communications Limited), Broadcom Corporation, and AT&T, Inc.

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