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Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya
The exotic destination of Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka is perfect for kitesurfing, with super spots for surfers of all levels, from beginners to professional free stylers. The kitesurfing season in Kalpitiya is from May to October, when winds range in between 20 – 25 knots; this is the perfect time for ki
Bar Reef Resort
Bar Reef Resort, a beach hotel in Sri Lanka located in breathtaking beauty & relaxing settings of Alankuda Beach, Kalpitiya. Our villas, garden and beach cabanas are the best accommodation in Kalppitiya.
Fun Holidays
We are a fresh breed among the top Destination Management Company's in Sri Lanka. A group of well-experienced travel professionals, we at Fun Holidays are madly innovative, young, and indeed FUN! The happiness we give our guests is our main priority. We also love nature and our services promote sus
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