2020 showed the whole of sports is greater than the sum of its parts

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The notion that athletes should just shut up and stick to sports and leave politics out of it has long seemed outdated. The events of 2020 have changed that forever.

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We cannot create another problem at the expense of solving an existing problem

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An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of death of a leopard found trapped on a tree in Hatton, after an attempt to rescue it failed. The animal had got entangled on a tall tree after it initially got trapped in a snare on the ground. According to reports, the leopard climbed the […]

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The landslide early warning issued for five districts have been further extended considering the adverse weather conditions affecting the island.

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The proposals presented by each and every political party during the several rounds of talks held regarding the formation of an All-Party Government, is expected to be given to all the political parties that attended these discussions today (08).

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