Sri Lanka announces a week-long school holiday in face of fuel crisis


ECONOMYNEXT – Sri has announced a week-long school holiday for all Government and Government approved private schools in face of the country’s worsening crisis situation.

The Ministry of Education declared a school holiday from 4 to 8 July as the electricity and fuel crises drag on.

Student attendance for the past two weeks was also factored into the decision, a statement from the ministry said.

The lost school dates will be recovered through the next term holidays.

Teachers say that due to prolonged isolation due to COVID and the constantly disrupted schedules, students have become restless or uninterested even during activities they previously enjoyed.

It is difficult for teachers to find fuel to come to school, and power cuts and the difficulties with online learning are also a burden to both the students and the teachers.

Students who are preparing for key exams are facing an immense amount of stress, with many saying they would like to emigrate, as the crisis situation in the country is delaying exams needlessly.

Many students have had to stop extra-curricular activities due to cost-cutting and the fuel crisis.

The depreciation of the rupee is also having an impact on students and parents, who find the rapidly rising exam rates and tuition fees unbearable.

Parents, students and teachers are calling for a feasible solution to the crisis, as Sri Lanka’s education, along with most other aspects of the country slides steeply downhill. (Colombo/03Jul/2022)

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