PMB: What for?


The Paddy Marketing Board (PMB) was established under Parliamentary Act No. 14 of 1971. The vision of the PMB is to be a leading National Institution in purchasing and handling of Agro-productions. The vision of the PMB, according to their website, is “To Effect an Implementing Mechanism and Provide Related Services for Purchasing, Processing, Storing, and Marketing of Paddy and Rice through a Committed Staff, equipped with Knowledge and Skills, to the Satisfaction of both the Producer and the Consumer.

However, the PMB, at present, is only concerned, only on paddy, and that also ineffectively. The PMB appears to have no specific system to dispose the paddy stored in their stores. Instead, the PMB is planning to mortgage the paddy and raise money to purchase paddy from the farmers. I cannot understand why the PMB cannot sell the paddy to millers, in the region, as early as possible. This will ensure that the PMB will have enough financial resources ,and also space, to continue purchase of paddy from the farmers.

The PMB also has mills and the paddy bought can be milled and sold to whole sale buyers at a fixed price. At present, the PMB appears to be interested only in buying paddy and storing until the next season. This practice results in paddy being going bad.

Among the Objectives of the PMB, according to their website, are:

* to carry on the business of purchasing, selling, supplying and distributing paddy and rice,

* to carry on the business of milling, hulling and processing of paddy and rice,

Currently, the PMB is just buying paddy and storing in their stores.

Dr. C.S. Weeraratna

E mail.

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