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Padayatra In Escalating Mode For BJP & Inevitable Defeat For DMK


By S. Sivathasan – 

S. Sivathasan

Momentum Dazzles by the Day

Padayatra momentum with accelerated pace has reached its moment of significance on 21st, September. It marked the 34th day of the march at Kankeyam, leaving only 200 more days for the gallant concourse to complete its mission. September has been a challenging month for DMK. Success brought with it frivolous questions from contenders. If incredibly more animated marchers are seen following the leader with greater vigour, what does it connote? The voter base of the DMK is getting sliced away from under its very feet. Unable to digest the flight of support away from it and never realizing that its decline is due to its  own ineptitude, it conjures up non-existent alternatives. Do larger crowds mean more votes for the challenger? This is a constant query and NO is their consoling answer. By what logic or reason shouldn’t it be otherwise? 

Tectonic Shift is AIADMK’s Plight

In September, the more politically sensitive in Tamil Nadu, India and the vast expanse of humanity have been treated to a high visibility tectonic shift of alignments. If Annamalai has shaken AIADMK and it’s leadership to its foundations, is it not deplorable for the weakened formation to rush to Delhi, meet Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for an enabling plea to change the President of Tami Nadu BJP? What a travesty to address the National leadership to change the state leader of the self-same party to help the forlorn adversary to win! Can political decency degenerate like this only to evoke pity and sympathy? It is a tragic drama that is being enacted by sections of the media to pose the question of   bifurcation, when it is already a fait accompli.

The leader and his admirers on Day 39 in Coimbatore South, September 26, 2023

BJP’s Space Flight Pace

Like Chandrayan 3 launched in Sri Hari Kota, gathering velocity and landing on the moon, Padayatra launched from Rameswaram is gaining momentum to its appropriate destination, Lok Saba. The whole of phase 1 has demonstrated its capacity and verve in August. The cadres and voters who had caught the infection proclaimed their worth in September. Every succeeding day wrote a different story of achievement and triumphal yatra. Electronic media did not fail in its daily duty of recording the events and conveying the images and speeches. A comment said quite correctly, “Annamalai is the heart and soul of the BJP in Tamil Nadu”. In phase 2 also, lengthy walks to test the stamina of men and women usually culminated in a speech. The state BJP President gave a consolidated account of the achievements of the PM in a stretch of 9 plus years. He also reminded the cadres of their obligation to provide a third term of an unmatched tenure.

The Die is Cast

For Modi, the concluding 10th year of the second term has been wonderfully noteworthy. To use Nehru’s inimitable words “The soul of a nation long suppressed found utterance”. It has happened so in the Modi dispensation. In virtually every sphere of activity: economic growth, infra structure transformation, national integration, peace in Kashmir, debilitating the militarist enemies in the East and West, cordial relations with powerful nations and getting the best out of them all was unprecedented. The great success at G20, applauded by all was unprecedented. A rare honour “Vishva Guru” or “Global Mentor” descended on the Prime Minister.

At this moment of multiple gains, when BJP was going from success to success in Tamil Nadu capturing their hearts and minds, a dithering AIADMK made public its erratic miscalculation. To this writer, the die was cast by early 2023. On 5th April I wrote under the caption, “Annamalai’s Stand Alone Stance is Singularly Commendable”. This has now come to pass with no need for reversals. How unfortunate the aggrieved party was, unaware of this truism it went to Delhi to get its fortunes recast. Modi was unable to meet them. Amit Shah too gave a rebuff. The humiliated formation could only yell in its impotence, it would never again align with the BJP.

Sensational Growth of BJP in Tamil Nadu

In recent times the well-integrated Padayatra of the BJP, doing its rounds in no less than three of the four weeks has honeycombed the state with great success. September has portrayed in unprecedented proportion, a cross section of the populace of all ages, representative of varied shades of opinion and yet resonating to Annamalai’s message in the same fashion. The image above was taken after the BJP shuffled the deadweight off its back. The ever-burgeoning demonstration of support made for this rare step. Today he confidently asserted that DMK will face a defeat never before seen in its history. One condition precedent is however absolutely necessary. Election Commission should prevent the purchase of even a single vote in Tamil Nadu. If it is not done, it is presumed there is no governance in the state.

Educative Padayatra

Without question the voting millions of Tamil Nadu have become well informed in selecting their representatives for the Lok Sabah. Of what calibre should they be? The voters have learnt from the performance of Nirmala Seetharaman and Subrahmanyam Jayshankar. Capability apart they should be in the correct group at the correct time. Above all they should themselves strive and send to Lok Sabah the largest possible from the state.

What is stated above may look like home truths. If so, picks to the Cabinet would have been from the 38 out of 39 from Tamil Nadu in Lok Sabah. There were two forbidding factors. The first being alignment with the wrong group. The second is too well known. Knowing realities Annamalai has lost no time in addressing the massive gatherings at Padayatra to send in the fullest quota possible from the BJP.

With 18% of electorates covered and nearly 40 meetings held, much experience is gained by all the cadres and volunteers engaged in the electioneering process. Annamalai has given out a great deal and has even profited more. The speeches he makes at the end of the yatra show enrichment through interaction. Personal relationships are built up instantly and it appears voting will be treated as an obligation. His discourses are at all times avidly listened to as if they have to be assimilated and faithfully acted upon. Six plus months are yet available for repeated meditation and action by a devoted multitude. 

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