Tamil MP doubts LLRC implementation

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Sri Lanka government has no intention to implement the recommendations of the presidential war panel, says a young Tamil government MP.

Journalist turned politician Sri Ranga told BBC Sandeshaya that the government should implement panel's all recommendations including a special investigation into alleged war crimes by certain elements of the military.

The panel concluded the military gave the "highest priority" to protecting civilians and said Tamil Tiger rebels had had "no respect for human life".

The Tigers, in contrast, used people as human shields, shot them, conscripted them and placed weapons in civilian centres, the LLRC report said.

"The commission was appointed by the president and it's chairman, CR de Silva, is a highly respected legal authority with a vast experience in the field," Sri Ranga, MP, told BBC Sinhala service.

War crimes

"Such a commission will not make recommendations for the sake of it without a proper investigation," he added.

Mr Ranga who crossed over to the government having being elected as a candidate of the main opposition UNP, is highly critical of the activities of Minister Douglas Devananda and Deputy Minister Vinayagamurthy Muralitharan (Karuna).

The report also accused the government of failing to disarm illegal armed groups, most of which are pro-government. It said a Tamil party within the government was still recruiting children to a militia.

It accused the EPDP led by Minister Devananda of abductions and disappearances in Jaffna and also recommended a special investigation into the incident in which hundreds of policemen were killed in Batticaloa by the Tamil Tiger while Karuna was the regional LTTE commander.

Minister Devananda has threatened to take legal actions against the LLRC.

Paramilitary groups

"Neither the cabinet of ministers nor the government did object when Minister Devananda threatened LLRC with legal action," said Mr Ranga.

"We can't deny the fact those abductions in Jaffna or killing of 600 policemen while in LTTE custody. These events have even reported internationally and documented even within UN reports."

Meanwhile, the government said it will not submit the panel report for consideration at the forthcoming Geneva session of the UN Human Rights Council.

The report addresses issues including political disappearances and the collapse of the rule of law in much of the country, but it has been criticised internationally for largely backing the government's account of the end of the war.

"Considering the response by certain ministers and the plight of previously signed agreements including Bandaranayaka-Chalvanayagam Pact and Indo-Sri Lanka Accord, I doubt these recommendations will ever be implemented," added Sri Ranga, MP.

Courtesy: BBC Sinhala


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