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Gearing up to grab international attention with new song ‘Game Over’Q: What’s happening on your end, Yashan? A: Well I’m working on my third studio album these days. I will be releasing a brand English new song this weekend titled ‘Game Over’. I am also in the process of producing a song for Shanudrie, one ...

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The government of the Maldives is said to be looking for funding from the private sector for an advertising campaign to boost its tourism industry following turmoil earlier this year when its elected president was forced from office in what he later claimed was a coup. A report in Minivan News said the government had ...

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Sri Lankan represents global team of entrepreneursAspirations Edu-cation’s General Manager Deepamala Abeysekera became the only Sri Lankan to represent a group of 30 entrepreneurs in the world from, USA, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa, to read for her postgraduate studies in entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge. Cambridge has acquired an international reputation as an ...

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