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How charity in Sri Lanka find a partner abroad?

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Sri Lanka is a country with a rich history of charitable giving and volunteerism. However, many local charities face challenges when it comes to finding partners abroad to support their mission. Finding the right partner abroad can be a daunting task, whether it’s a lack of resources, language barriers, or networking opportunities. But with the right approach, Sri Lankan charities can form meaningful partnerships with organizations and individuals around the world.

One of the most important things for Sri Lankan charities looking to find partners abroad is to be clear about their mission and goals. This will help attract the right partner with the same values and vision. It’s also essential to have a well-designed and professional website and an active social media presence to showcase the work and impact of the charity.

Another key step is identifying the best networking platforms and networks and reaching out to potential partners. Joining international charity organizations and attending conferences and events is a great way to connect with other organizations, as well as to learn more about global trends and best practices in the charity sector.

Charities in Sri Lanka may find partners abroad through several methods, including:

  1. Sri Lankan expatriate organizations. These organizations, such as University Alumni, OBA/OGA, and other charity and cultural groups, often have programs in Sri Lanka and can serve as valuable partners for local charities. By reaching out to these groups and forming relationships with them, Sri Lankan charities can expand their reach and impact with the support of their expatriate community.
  2. Networking: Participating in international charity events and conferences can provide opportunities for charities in Sri Lanka to meet potential partners and learn about the work of other organizations.
  3. Research: Researching foreign charities and organizations that align with the mission and goals of the Sri Lankan charity can also lead to potential partnerships.
  4. Online platforms: Utilizing online platforms and social media to connect with international organizations and individuals who may be interested in supporting the charity’s work.
  5. Referrals: Word of mouth recommendations and referrals from other organizations can also lead to potential partnerships.
  6. Government and international organizations: Sri Lankan charities can also partner with foreign governments or international organizations such as United Nations, World Bank and other multilateral organizations that have programs in Sri Lanka.
  7. Consultant or intermediary: Charities can also use the services of consultants or intermediaries that specialize in connecting charities with international partners.

Once a potential partner is identified, the charity should communicate with them and discuss potential partnership opportunities, and develop a written partnership agreement that outlines the specific roles and responsibilities of each partner. It’s also important to monitor and evaluate the partnership, and to keep open lines of communication with the partner.

It’s important for charities to keep in mind that building partnerships take time and effort, therefore, they should be proactive and persistent in their efforts to find suitable partners. It’s also important to comply with the laws and regulations of both countries and to be transparent in their communication and actions.

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