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Wings Lanka Foundation Distributes School Books

by VivaLanka
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“Breath” school book distribution social care.
Wings Sri Lanka Foundation was able to successfully complete the school books distribution program for children of Bulathsinhala Diwalakada Junior College on 13th January 2023 to provide relief to parents struggling with extreme economic difficulties.
The project donated school books, reading books and school equipment to all the children studying in the primary section of Diwalkada Junior College.
77 children studying from grade 01 to grade 05 received this benefit.
Wings Sri Lanka Foundation, through financial donations from local donors and foreign donors, the social work program was empowered.
Book distribution ceremony, Wings Sri Lanka Foundation Chairman Champika Gunasekara, Nihal and Lilani Ranasinghe, who contributed financial contribution to the project, with the participation of Mr. Premarathna, who coordinated the project, Diwalakada Junior College on January 13th Held in the hall.
While holding the acceptance speech, Principal Mrs. BDDS Sarachandra mentioned that it is a great charity to distribute school books to children in such a stage of financial difficulty.
Wings Sri Lanka Foundation Chairman Champika Gunasekara addressing the Sabha, expressed his gratitude to all the donors, local and abroad, who contributed to implementing such a social work program.
Donor Nihal Ranasinghe, who participated in the book donation ceremony, addressed the council. He is pleased to contribute to the contribution of such social care programs for children facing various economic difficulties.
Deputy Principal, Primary Section Teachers, and Primary Students attended the event.

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