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Toronto weather: Chilly Thursday morning ahead, TTC running smoothly

Environment Canada says Thursday morning will be a chilly one, at -2C rising to a high of 5C with a mix of sun and cloud. Keep an umbrella handy for Friday and Saturday, as rainfall is predicted for both days; Sunday is forecasted to be 10C and sunny.

Share your weather-related photos with us. Tag your new photos with the hashtag #Starweather on Instagram or Twitter and they could be featured in Toronto Star coverage.

The TTC is running smoothly except for a route diversion for the 37 Islington due to a fire at Islington Ave. and Central Park Rdwy. The route is diverting both ways via Dundas St. W., Chestnut Hills Pkw., and Islington Ave. GO Trains and buses and major highways are running smoothly.

Toronto International Pearson Airport’s arrivals are reporting nine cancellations and 38 delays while departures are reporting six cancellations and one delay.

Classes are cancelled Thursday at JS Woodsworth Senior P.S. due to flooding and power outages, the TDSB tweeted.

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