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Mickey the Lobster dies after parking lot rescue

Following Wednesday’s unlikely rescue of a lobster from a St. Catharines parking lot, the Lincoln County Humane Society announced Thursday morning that Mickey the lobster has died.

“Sad news, Mickey the Lobster has died, he died in peace and quiet over night, but had 3 offers to fly out east. Thanks for the well wishes,” the humane society announced on its Twitter account.

Mickey was found abandoned in a box in a St. Catherines’s parking lot just off of St. David’s Road Wednesday. Inspectors from the human society believe that the lobster was likely bought at a grocery store and left out as an April Fool’s prank. Its claws were not banded.

After rescuing the lobster, the humane society bought a special salt water tank for it to stay in while they looked for a safe place for it to live. The lobster showed no signs of peril when it was rescued.

The humane society had planned to research which ocean Mickey and hoped to either return it to its natural habitat or find a suitable place for it to live out the rest of its life.

With files from the Hamilton Spectator and Sean Tepper

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