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City's share of BMO Field expansion up for council vote

City council is set to earmark $10 million later today to help expand BMO Field, despite Mayor Rob Ford's opposition to the plan.

Ontario's pre-election economic news bittersweet: Cohn

Right on cue, Finance Minister Charles Sousa walked into Rm. 247 of the legislative building Wednesday to release Ontario’s latest economic forecast.As predicted.No, it’s not his economic outlook that’s turning out as predicted, just his scheduled appearances.Sousa’s news conference Wednesday (and a noon speech Thursday) was telegraphed in advance by a secret cabinet do...

Toronto developer’s challenge: Build a quiet condo atop a noisy subway line

The construction sounds on the north side of Bloor St. near Keele are a noisy percussion of scraping shovels, rumbling cement trucks, beeping bulldozers and hoisting cranes.Yet through it all, you can still feel the Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth) subway as it rumbles past, the top of the tunnel less than five metres below the surface.But a rubber insulation system, inspired by the type used by architects...

Mickey the Lobster dies after parking lot rescue

Following Wednesday’s unlikely rescue of a lobster from a St. Catharines parking lot, the Lincoln County Humane Society announced Thursday morning that Mickey the lobster has died.“Sad news, Mickey the Lobster has died, he died in peace and quiet over night, but had 3 offers to fly out east. Thanks for the well wishes,” the humane society announced on its Twitter account.Micke...
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