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Watch: What Bill Clinton really thinks of Mayor Rob Ford

Jimmy Kimmel interviewed former U.S. president Bill Clinton last night. The talk on politics eventually turned to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. “I know he’s Canadian,” Kimmel said at the start of the segment. “But I would love it if you could put a word in with Hillary for a potential running mate, I don’t know, you know, maybe secretary of state?”Clinton avoide...

OPP, lawyer at odds over aide's co-operation in gas plants probe

Ontario Provincial Police allegations that former Dalton McGuinty deputy chief of staff Laura Miller has not been interviewed in a probe of deleted emails are “false,” her lawyer said Thursday.In a statement released at the same time as OPP Det.-Const. Andre Duval ‎began testifying at a legislative committee investigating the $1.1 billion scandal over cancelled gas plants, &#x...

Canada’s richest 86 people have as much wealth as the poorest 11.4 million

OTTAWA—While politicians in Ottawa still can’t decide who is in the middle class, a new analysis suggests wealth is increasingly gravitating to the very top.The report by the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives shows that the country’s 86 richest individuals and families — or 0.002 per cent of the total population — are getting exponentially rich...

Will Scottish referendum lead to flag flap in Canada?

Canada is not the only nation suffering from separation anxiety.There’s a movement brewing in Britain to change the country’s iconic flag if Scotland votes for independence from the U.K. on Sept. 18.This may give Canadians a moment of pause. The Union Jack is found everywhere from the Royal Coat of Arms of Canada to the flags of Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia.“I don&#x...
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