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John Tory vows not to make ‘enemies list’ if elected mayor

If elected mayor of Toronto, John Tory has promised he won’t make “an enemies list.”He’s promised to “show up for work each day” and “defend our laws, not break them.”And he will “answer questions — not (run) from them” and release a “weekly schedule that is public.”Each of these pledges is part of Tory ...

Blue Jays go for rare series win at Tampa Bay

The Toronto Blue Jays will try to clinch their first series in seven years at Tampa Bay with a third straight win over the hometown Rays at Tropicana Field on Thursday night.

Maple Leafs all but need to beat Bruins

The Toronto Maple Leafs will try to make it two straight wins over Boston and two straight wins overall when they host the Bruins at Air Canada Centre on Thursday night.

John Tory code of conduct targets Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory launches a code of conduct in a campaign announcement directed at the behaviour of Mayor Rob Ford.
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