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Restaurateur taking Rob Ford defamation suit to appeal court

A restaurant owner says a judge was wrong to dismiss his defamation lawsuit against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and is taking the case to Ontario's highest court.

Rob Ford investigation by police at a standstill

The investigation into Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the so-called crack video is in a holding pattern, and remain there unless new evidence is brought forward, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

Conservative victims’ bill would force spouses to testify in court

OTTAWA—The Conservative government's long-awaited victims' rights bill would force people to testify in court against a spouse.The legislation — tabled in the Commons on Thursday — would change the Canada Evidence Act, which allows spouses to refuse to testify except in certain specific cases such as sexual assaults or crimes against youngsters.The changes are part of a sweepi...

Charles Sousa revises Ontario deficit to $11.3 billion

The Ontario government spent $11.3 billion more this past year than it took in, says Finance Minister Charles Sousa. Sousa announced the revised 2013-14 deficit‎ — down $400 million fro‎m an expected $11.7 billion — in a speech Thursday to the Canadian Club at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. The change is due to‎ “prudent management of spending,” he...
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