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Maple Leafs making playoffs or you winning Roll Up the Rim prize: Who has a better chance?

You have a better chance of winning Roll up the Rim on that Tim Hortons coffee you’re drinking than the Maple Leafs do of making the playoffs this year.The team is fighting to keep its post-season dreams alive,taking on the Boston Bruins at homeThursday. With five games left in the season, the Leafs likely will have to win every one just for a chance to make the

Ukraine crisis: Ousted leader used snipers, thugs to terrorize protesters, says minister

KYIV, UKRAINE—Ukraine’s interim authorities accused the country’s ousted president of ordering snipers to open fire on protesters and getting help from Russian security agents to battle his own people — but their report Thursday provided no evidence directly linking him to the bloodbath in Kyiv.Acting Interior Minister Arsen Avakov also accused his predecessor of employ...

Rob Ford allowed to change his vote on Mandela street and honouring Olympians

Toronto city council voted Thursday to give Mayor Rob Ford a second chance by allowing him to re-vote on two motions: one in support of a street re-naming to Nelson Mandela, the other to congratulate Olympians.“I’d just want to thank all the councillors for their support,” Ford said after.On Wednesday, Ford was the lone member of council to vote against a motion to honor Mande...

Send us your questions: Daniel Dale will discuss the election campaign

Mayoral candidates may be slowly fleshing out there platforms but that hasn’t stopped them from wading into the issues at city hall. Food trucks, transit and the island airport all popped up this week and Daniel Dale will be joining us to discuss those and other election issues. Mobile users click here.
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