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BMO Field funding approved by Toronto council

Toronto city council has voted in favour of earmarking $10 million for a proposed expansion of BMO Field, the home of Toronto FC.

Mayor Rob Ford allowed to vote again on Mandela, athlete honours

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was allowed to reverse a pair of controversial council votes on Thursday, the day after he voted against congratulating Olympic and Paralympic athletes and naming a street in honour of Nelson Mandela.

Rob Ford police documents released as judge lifts pub ban

An Ontario Superior Court judge today lifted a publication ban and released the remaining details of the investigation into Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his friend Alexander Lisi.

Ebola patients await death in Guinea isolation wards

CONAKRY, GUINEA—Bakari Soumaoro carried his sick friend all the way to the hospital on his back, not realizing the man’s fever and chills were caused by one of the deadliest diseases on Earth.A week after his friend died, Soumaoro fell ill.Hospital officials soon determined that both men had contracted Ebola, a disease causing severe bleeding that had never before struck this corner ...
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