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Maple Leafs contract with David Clarkson was never a good decision: Hockey analytics

July 5, 2013: The Toronto Maple Leafs sign David Clarkson to a seven-year, $36,750,000 contract.November 2013: Dave Nonis comments that “people run with these (advanced hockey) stats like they’re something we should pay attention to and make decisions on, and as of right now, very few of them are worth anything to us.”If Nonis had “paid attention” to even the mos...

Why can’t Nigella Lawson enter the U.S. but Rob Ford can?

British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has been denied entry to the U.S. after admitting to using drugs, the latest celebrity snared by the fickle nature of the American border.The TV cook was stopped from boarding a flight from Heathrow airport to Los Angeles on Sunday, the U.S. Embassy in London said Thursday. The case underscores the capricious judgment of U.S. border officers: if Lawson can...

Vast ocean of water found on Saturn moon

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLA.—Scientists have uncovered a vast ocean beneath the icy surface of Saturn’s little moon Enceladus.Italian and American researchers made the discovery using Cassini, a NASA-European spacecraft still exploring Saturn and its rings 17 years after its launch from Cape Canaveral. Their findings were announced Thursday.This new ocean of liquid water — as big as o...

Stephen Harper won't say if Eve Adams broke party rules

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he won't comment on Conservative MP Eve Adams's nomination battle in the newly formed riding of Oakville North-Burlington in Ontario.
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