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Judge instructing jury at trial of couple accused of killing boy

Jurors are hearing they can't use a couple's "bad character traits" to convict them of murder in the death of the man's 10-year-old son.

Men offering fake prize buglarize home, police say

Toronto police want help identifying three suspects in a violent home invasion robbery, which began when a man received notice that he was having a prize delivered to his home last month.

Without major change, election bill will taint 2015 election: Tim Harper

OTTAWACanadians are hurtling toward an ugly collision with democracy in 2015.Condemnation of the government’s election bill is now so widespread, the perception that this is an exercise in voter suppression and loaded with Conservative advantage so pervasive, that anything short of a sweeping Tory majority in the next federal election will face charges of taint.That sweeping victory is hard...

CIA illegally interrogated terror suspects after Sept. 11, U.S. Senate says

WASHINGTON—CIA officers subjected some terrorism suspects after the Sept. 11 attacks to interrogation methods that were not approved by either the Justice Department or their own headquarters and illegally detained 26 of the 119 in CIA custody, the Senate Intelligence Committee has concluded in its still-secret report, McClatchy has learned.The spy agency program’s reliance on brutal...
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