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NDP wants LCBO to suspend sales of Russian Standard vodka

Ontario's NDP wants the province's government-run liquor stores to suspend sales of Russian Standard vodka due to the international crisis in Ukraine.

Itzhak Perlman airport incident prompts Air Canada donation

Days after an airport worker abandoned virtuoso violinist and conductor Itzhak Perlman with his violin, luggage and crutches at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, Air Canada is making a donation to the Canadian charity the famed disabled musician performed for while in the city.

Hockey Canada CEO Bob Nicholson expected to step down

Bob Nicholson will announce he’s stepping down as Hockey Canada president and CEO at a press conference Friday in Toronto.Nicholson confirmed his departure in an email, calling it the “greatest job in hockey in the world” that he will truly miss and adding that it was time for new leadership to take the organization to another level.Nicholson has held the position for over 15 ...

Christine Innes fighting back against Trudeau

OTTAWA—Ousted candidate Christine Innes is appealing to Liberals in Trinity-Spadina to help her fight against the “undemocratic” way she has been blocked from representing the party in the coming byelection.“I cannot understand how the Liberal leadership could allow a handful of people to act in an undemocratic fashion, contrary to Charter rights and values, by making u...
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