An Open Letter To All Parliamentarians


By Lihini Fernando

Lihini Fernando

Dear Parliamentarians / Representatives of the People,

It is after much deliberation I pen this to all the 225 sitting in the Sri Lankan Parliament, the representatives of our legislature.

As the crisis deepens each passing day,

Each passing day you all become irrelevant if you fail to stand with the people or fail to listen to their sentiments, voices and provide solutions.

The solution to the crisis remains with the decisions you take in that parliament, which was once prestigious. You are the representatives of the legislature and not just representatives of your political party. You ought to take decisions that are not just politically correct, but decisions that will yield value to resolve this crisis.

We all know the President is an Autocrat, a Dictator with enormous powers vested via the 20A. However collectively all of you 225 is as equally powerful as him, if you act according to your consciousness, if you acknowledge that you are a representative of the people and not of your political party. The sovereignty of the people is vested upon you, and you ought to act in the best interest of the people and not of yourself or your political party.

Either you do your task with sincerity, or the people will decide on each of your future course in politics. People are no longer stooges of Political Parties, but very informed citizens of Sri Lanka.

It is a make or break for all of you!

The citizen suffering on the road today is not as privileged as you. I question whether you ought to know their daily struggles. If so, will you parliamentarians act in such a callous manner? (Some of you don’t fall into this generalization). They are unable to meet their ends and are dying while being on queues. This is the people of Sri Lanka, the people that voted for you. Do you hear them?

The curse of a weeping mother who is unable to feed her child, is far more powerful than the power you hold. Try to understand their sentiments!

Your actions speak louder than your words

Politically correct statements have no value today.

Political or party endorsements too have no value.

What matters is that you all are leaders that stand with the sentiments of the common man, and you all are leaders that is geared to provide a solution to this misery.

Your calling is bigger than your party agenda!

Sri Lanka today is like a ticking bomb. Each passing day/minute we are sinking. The moment the crisis hits the banking sector we are doomed. Don’t let it happen to this country.

The President, Gotabaya Rajapakse must go home

The Prime Minister, Mahinda Rajapakse must go home

But the remaining honest, good-hearted, knowledgeable politicians that are in the parliament, you all must unite and fix this country. You calling is bigger than your party.

Be leaders of RELEVANCE

If not, you all of you will be IRRELEVANT

There are many professionals, academics, activists, honest citizens, youth who are willing to setup, take center stage and fix this mess. Yet they have no platform, no mandate nor any power. If the citizens had a choice, they would resolve this crisis by themselves and leave you all out. You are obligatory to act in the interest of the people of this country.

Some of you today have become just nominal representatives, and only you are to be blamed for it. Some of you have dug your own graves. Some of you have become a meme, a joke, a laughingstock. Today the people wish death upon some of you. What does it say about the role you have played?

You still have time

Honesty & Sincerity goes along way.

Do what is right today

That is what will secure your future and not your political games, deals or agendas


 May you all be blessed with wisdom to do the right thing by the people of this country.

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