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May 24, 2015 2:35:14 PM- readsrilanka.com
Presiding over the Monaragala District Sri Lanka Freedom Party Convention held Saturday (23rd) at the Library Auditorium in Monaragala, the President declared that he is meticulously discharging his obligations on behalf of the country and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. He has said that the members of the SLFP are bound by duty to achieve […]
May 24, 2015 1:21:59 PM- adaderana.lk
Do you consider that Sri Lanka needs to have a 'Code of Media Ethics?' Email your ideas to news@derana.lk or send a fax to 0112 680417. .
May 24, 2015 12:24:50 PM- newsfirst.lk
The Indian Coast Guard reached a group of Sri Lankan fishermen who have been stranded in international waters for seven days, earlier this evening. Fishermen at the Nilwella Fisheries Harbour, from where the fishermen had set out, informed News1st that the Indian Coast Guard had agreed to bring back the fishermen, but that they would […] The post Indian Coast Guard reach stranded SL fisherme...
May 24, 2015 11:37:26 AM- newsfirst.lk
Indian Coast Guard personnel have consented to intervene in order to save six Sri Lankan fishermen who were stranded in international waters for seven days. These six fishermen had set out to sea from Nilwella in Matara on May 10. The vessel carrying the fishermen had experienced engine failure in international waters seven days ago. Relatives […] The post Indian Coast Guard to help stranded...
May 24, 2015 11:29:25 AM- newsfirst.lk
Repair work on the Jaffna Court building, which was damaged during protests, when the suspects connected to the rape and murder of a school student from Pungudutivu were brought to court, commenced on Sunday May 24. The court complex was damaged following the incident that took place last Wednesday.While measures have been taken to renovate […] The post Repair work on Jaffna Court building c...
May 24, 2015 11:24:46 AM- newsfirst.lk
Three children from the areas of  Dummalasuriya, Kalutara and Bibile were killed in accidents. A three year old child whose family depends on the coir industry, was killed when she fell into a pit of coconut husks. Police state that the parents were asleep at the time and were unaware of the incident. Police suspect […] The post Children found dead in Dummalasuriya, Kalutara and Bibile appea...
May 24, 2015 11:21:16 AM- newsfirst.lk
At a media briefing convened on Sunday,  the Voice Against Corruption Movement, condemned the Prime Minister’s statement that fraud amounting to Rs.2.7 trillion  had been discovered at the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Convener for Voice Against Corruption,Wasantha Samarasinghe stated, on Sunday that the statements that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has made with regard to […] The p...
May 24, 2015 11:03:46 AM- newsfirst.lk
President Maithripala Sirisena reiterated that his purpose was not to become a king but to bring about a political, social and economic transformation in the country. He made this statement at an event held at the Sri Shakya Bhimbarama Viharaya in Pulasthigama, Polonnaruwa on Saturday. He also noted that even though that he is the […] The post I am not a king – President Sirisena in Po...
May 24, 2015 10:57:21 AM- newsfirst.lk
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says that subsequent to Maithripala Sirsena becoming the president, the country has been able to achieve complete freedom. The Prime Minister made this statement at a meeting of UNP activists in the the Kuliyaptiya area on the morning of Sunday May 24. Speaking at the meeting the Prime Minister said that […] The post PM says a complete freedom has been ach...
May 24, 2015 10:54:07 AM- newsfirst.lk
Tensions flared on Sunday evening during a protest calling for the removal of a heap of refuse in Meethotamulla, Kolonnawa. The people living in the environs of this mountain of waste in Meethotamulla, Kolonnawa, are faced with a myriad of health, environmental and social concerns. The People’s Movement Against the Kolonnawa Garbage Mountain had organised […] The post Heated situation ...
May 24, 2015 10:14:31 AM- newsfirst.lk
The Ranbhumi Rally for Unity, which is bringing Sri Lankan hearts together, brick by brick, visited the 51st town in its countrywide journey today. Amid the blessings of countless people who lined either side of the route of the procession, the Ranbhumi Rally for Unity, reached Dambulla. A symbol of the strength of the nation […] The post Ranbhumi Rally for Unity reaches Dambulla – the...
May 24, 2015 10:08:40 AM- newsfirst.lk
Two people were apprehended by the police, while transporting the partially charred remains of a murder victim in a van. They were accosted in Arangala, Malabe, on Saturday night. Although the Arangala – Kahanthota road is not a location which is constantly patrolled by the police, a sudden search operation carried out by traffic police […] The post Charred remains in Athurugiriya spee...
May 24, 2015 11:25:09 AM- dailymirror.lk
UPFA Parliamentarian Vasudeva Nanayakkara today said that the language and the words he used in Parliament against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe last week were unintentional and provoked by anger.
May 24, 2015 11:26:14 AM- defence.lk
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces President Maithripala Sirisena during a visit to the East addressed the security forces at a ceremony held at the Mahaweli Grounds in Welikanda today (24th Sunday, May 2015).
May 24, 2015 7:47:50 AM- dailymirror.lk
A tense situation prevailed in Meethotamulla this afternoon when the residents of the area staged a protest against the dumping of garbage in area.
May 24, 2015 8:16:49 AM- adaderana.lk
The Government recognizes the importance of engaging with the diaspora, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to take the lead in organizing a diapora festival where persons of Sri Lankan origin from around the world in all possible fields...MORE
May 24, 2015 5:53:59 AM- dailymirror.lk
Former Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella alleged that following the Presidential Election in January, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had offered him a ministerial portfolio if he were to join the United National Party (UNP).
May 24, 2015 6:44:11 AM- ceylontoday.lk
The Met. Department says that showers will occur at several places in the sea area extending from Puttalam to Hambanthota via Colombo and Galle. Showers or thundershowers will occur at a few places in the sea area around the island during the afternoon and night.   Winds will be South-westerly and speed will be 20-40 kmph. Winds can strengthen up to50-60kmph at times.The sea area around the i...
May 24, 2015 6:14:47 AM- adaderana.lk
The police on Sunday (24) used water cannons to disperse a group of protesters near Meethotamulla area in Kolonnawa. .
May 24, 2015 5:48:58 AM- adaderana.lk
Several schools in the North Central Province will be closed from June 1 to 5 in view of the upcoming Poson season, the Ministry of Education says. .
May 24, 2015 6:21:11 AM- lankasrinews.com
The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) will form a coalition government after the forthcoming election, thus several political parties are expected to join hands with the party in near future, North Western Province Chief Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara said.
May 24, 2015 6:21:11 AM- lankasrinews.com
Foreign affairs minister Mangala Samaraweera says he is glad that new opportunities have opened up as a result of the changes that are taking place in Sri Lanka, to renew political, economic and cultural ties with Germany.
May 24, 2015 6:21:11 AM- lankasrinews.com
The CID is investigating a payment of Rs. 05 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission to ‘Tharunyata Hetak’, headed by MP Namal Rajapaksa.
May 24, 2015 6:21:11 AM- lankasrinews.com
The pro-Mahinda groups within the Sri Lanka Freedom Party are planning to recreate bloody ethnic tensions between the Sinhala and Tamil masses in July, the newspaper reports citing reliable political sources.
May 24, 2015 6:21:11 AM- lankasrinews.com
Member of parliament and veteran left-wing politician Vasudeva Nanayakkara says the use of foul language by him in parliament last week was unintentional.
May 24, 2015 6:21:11 AM- lankasrinews.com
Speculation is rife about as to when parliament will be dissolved.
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