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Cassandra has stopped watching news at night for the sake of her wellbeing and peace of mind. Watching English news at 9.00 p m on a local channel caused her to toss and turn or wake up at the ungodly hour of 2.00 am to again toss and turn, but this time mentally with suppressed […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice in his first game in Saudi Arabia and Lionel Messi was also on the scoresheet as Paris St-Germain edged a Riyadh All-Star XI 5-4 in a thrilling contest.The exhibition match in the Saudi capital saw two of the greatest players of all time sharing a pitch together for possibly the final […]

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The Chinese Embassy in Colombo has slammed US Ambassador here Julie Chung over her comments in an interview with the BBC. The Chinese Embassy has questioned the US policy vis-a-vis Sri Lanka struggling to overcome an unprecedented economic crisis. The following is the text of the Chinese Embassy

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The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka today slammed the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Julie Chung, calling her a hypocrite for the comments she had made in a recent interview. The embassy was angered over her view that China was the “spoiler” in Sri Lanka’s efforts to reach a deal with the International Monetary Fund […]

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[…]The post Supreme Court Judgement On Easter Bombing: Some Preliminary Observations appeared first on Colombo Telegraph.

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The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) bank has urged China and India to agree a write-down of their loans as soon as possible.The post Central Bank Governor urges China and India to reduce Sri Lanka’s debts soon appeared first on Sri Lanka News - Latest Breaking News in Sri Lanka - ONLANKA News.

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Sri Lanka’s central bank has urged China and India to agree a write-down of their loans as soon as possible. The crisis-hit Indian Ocean state defaulted on its debt repayments and negotiated a $2.9bn (£2.4bn) bailout. But the International Monetary Fund will not release the cash until China and India first agree to reduce Sri […]

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The New Year 2023 is definitely going to be a significant year for India’s leadership ambitions. India’s presidency of the G20 forum as well as the Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO), brings with itself the rare opportunity to present to the world that India is well-prepared and well-equipped to clinch its position as an emerging power. […]

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BBC reported that a looted ancient Egyptian sarcophagus that was on display at a US museum has been returned to Egypt. The 2.9m (9.5ft) long “Green Coffin” dates back to the Late Dynastic Period, which spanned 664BC to 332BC, and belonged to a priest called Ankhenmaat. It was looted

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