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But it is a tool and a means only, not the ultimate goal. It is simply compulsion and coercion; it is the police power.

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[…]The post A Janus Moment appeared first on Colombo Telegraph.

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by Sean GLEESON and Amal JAYASINGHE (AFP) Lankan security forces demolished the main anti-government protest camp in the capital Friday, evicting activists in a pre-dawn assault that raised international concern for dissent under the crisis-wracked country’s new pro-Western president. Troops and police Special Task Force commandos wielding batons and armed with automatic assault rifles charged on ...

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Broadly the same opinion across the South, North and East

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By Michael Rowand As Sri Lankan protesters stormed the presidential residence in Colombo, the Chinese Embassy released no statements and did not tweet. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered no comment until Monday afternoon, well behind others such as India, the European Union, and the United States. The French Embassy even retweeted a tweet […]

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The Governor of Sri Lanka’s Central Bank, Nandalal Weerasinghe, has warned that the country may shut down if no stable government is formed soon.The post Sri Lanka faces shutdown without stable Government – Central Bank Governor warns appeared first on ONLANKA News - Sri Lanka News - Sri Lanka News Live and Breaking News Today.

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